Rokuhara is a relaxed neighborhood downtown in Kyoto.

RAK is a hostel that used to be an old local apartment in Rokuhara, Kyoto.
It has been recently renovated and has a stylish modern inside space.The building shares a common space, although each room is separate and private.There are 2 types of rooms available, double and bunks. Please select one according to your preference.
"Rokuhara" is right in the middle of Kyoto, however the area is quite calm and has a relaxing ambience throughout the day.
We hope that each guest can relax and have a pleasant stay at RAK.

Easy access to popular sightseeing areas.

RAK offers great access to many popular places, such as Yasaka Shrine, Kiyomizu Temple, Kenninji, Rokuharamituji,Gion etc, and yes, each is within walking distance!


Reservation from here


It is an introduction of room plan and equipment.


It is an introduction access to our facilities and sightseeing areas.

Information on accommodation


You can book RAKU either by phone or online.
You'll need your credit card information for booking.
We will use said information to process a cancellation fee only when a cancellation occurs within 2 days of check-in.
Please aware that your booking will be automatically cancelled if the provided credit information is incorrect or invalid
We're are also open to hosting larger groups, so please feel free to call us or to send an inquiry by email.


All guests must adhere to the check-in/out times. Please let us know in advance if you will be late.
We'll confirm your identification upon arrival, so please prepare a photo ID such as health insuarance card, passport, or driver's license.
We do not change sheets when a guest stays more than for more than one night, however sheets can be provided upon request at the front desk.
Please be aware that the bathroom and toilet areas are a shared space, so the respective facility may be temporarily in use depending on the timing.
There are also 2 public bathing/soaking facilities near RAK and you can buy tickets from our front desk. Please check our access page for the location.
Please note that there is no kitchen on our property.


If you wish to cancel, please process your cancellation via the site that you used to book (Agoda,, Expedia, Jyaran, Rakuten, etc.)
If you booked with us directly, either give us a call or process the cancellation via our home page
Cancellation charges apply as follows:
-No show
100% of the charge will be applied
-Same day cancellation
100% of the charge will be applied
-Prior day (before close) cancellation
80% will continue to be charged
-Cancellation 2-7 days prior to the start of the reservation
50% will continue to be charged